Show Poem: September 12, 2017 Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn #poetry 

Never the same never different
A little colored tile in the right place
It all works like an apple
Stem to core
Annoying little sticker
I actually found a worm once
It was the best fruit I ever tasted

All hail Defender’s Day
Release the stars
From your spangled banner
Unnoticing the trash
Refined art theough choking
Unpainted drywall
A single red bra
Dangling from a wire hanger

Pigging out in bed
After a well lit easing with friends
All hail human beings
Inventors of the puff
The sound of hungar
Leaving the bidy

Buses and trains
Learning to attach
“the particular auditory effect
produced by a given cause”
I don’t need to live this life again
I’m taking is all in this time
and the second

With beautiful beautiful memories
Like beatiful little birds flying
In and out of my window

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