Show Poem: September 23, 2017 Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge w/ The Sluts #poetry

photo by Jason Buice

I like waking up with you
And when I mean You
I’m mean you and you and You

I can’t always find you
In the leaves and trees
In the vast green spaces
In the buckets of rain water
That spill over the gutters
During a prodigious storm
But I always like waking up with you

The mosquitos like to terrorize
They make playgrounds
Of our sleeping ears

The shellfish image burns hot
It wants blood and scars
Scars are no boundaries for dancers
Bones and skin are just props
Every breath is a dance

My dirty tshirt makes me move
I am not an imperfect God
I am a perfect gummy bear
I am the God of Gummy Bear
A pinch pot made of tootsie rolls
An iron horse of feel good summer movies
Let’s feel the good summer movies

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