Freiburg @ Kulturaggregat 11/17/17 #poetry

Friday night in Freiburg
We choose to dance
In the dark places

We run like we are born to run
Until we run into the wall.
Can’t go over it.
Can’t go around it.
Gotta go through it.

There was a time.
Can you remember?
A time when we were not at war.
Are you brave enough
To remember
When there was no war?

Do you remember A time
When there were No pillows?
We slept on the beach.
Like crabs
We laid our eggs
In the sand.
We flipped and flopped
And tried not to pinch ourselves
With our own claws.

Please forgive me
If my eyes pinch you
Like a crab’s claw.
And my clamshell is
Too tight to open.
Sometimes I will bait my hook
With the smelliest fish
To hook your cheek.
But please know…
You are so much more
Than seafood to me.

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