Offenbach @ Hafen 2 11/19/17 #poetry

On the heels of a late night Fire drill.
We relearn some valuable lessons.

Rule Number 1
Never get into a van
With no seats after a punk rock
Concert. Even if the man driving tells you he is a fan of your music.

Rule number 2
Never trust a man named Bernhard
From Mannheim.

Rule number 3
Remember to love and forgive
Your tribe
even if they scare you
The night before.

But we are back in Offenbach.
And now we are often back
In Offenbach.
And in Offenbach
We are often happy
To be back.

Like the geese in the lake
We have found a nice place to land.
The air is still and the water is clear.
The sun is not shining
But it’s okay because we are warm inside
The sheep are happy to have their
Ears scratched.
We feel.
We talk.
We listen.
And we work it out under a cloudy sky.

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