Bremen @ Spedition 11/24/17 #poetry

Never alone with my thoughts
The rain comes and the rain goes
But Hamburg is not Seattle
The except for the tourists
The graffiti fades into the background
Jesus is the yin for the sexy devil’s yang

I am dating my anxiety
Learning his favorite color
Forgetting his birthday

Life is a Currywurst
You take it one piece at a time.
The sauce hold it together

Fresh faces inspire familiar feelings
I once searched Bremen for
What felt like hours
In search of
A new scarf
Today in 20 minutes
I’ve seen so many
I’m almost tripping over them.

If you’ve got a Deutschmark you can
Play the old video game
In our bedroom
And if you’ve got a dollar
I’ll tell the story of the first show
We played where people danced.
A handful of students in Leipzig
Have sealed my fate.

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