Glasgow @ Hug and Pint 12/05/17 #poetry

I could stare into your eyes
Forever without blinking
A symphony of snores
Would never pull my focus
An army of jelly babies
Fortified with pork pie cannons
Expelling copious amounts
Of the most perfectly cooked chips
All fail to distract me from your eyes

The students live in castles
The locals dance to Indie rock
All are in search of the perfect gravy
It’s a Greggs’ world and we just live in it

The stones we walk are cold and wet
We could not imagine, in a lifetime,
All the feet that have traveled
These same steps

Instant coffee Travelodgue humming.
A big part of life is waiting
We can learn things while we wait
Learn to be stronger, to appreciate more
To let the pain happen.

But you are a cure for pain.
You are holiday architecture
You are the sheep that dot the horizon
Unquestionable wonder
Soup and bread for the eyes
You give me so much joy
I could look at you forever
Blurry eyes
Without blinking

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