Broken Teeth

High Res. Pic by Erica Peterson

High Res. Pic by Erica Peterson

The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. -T. S. Eliot

Rarely does a T.S. Eliot quote seem fitting for the release of an Indie Rock album. But Schwervon! has never been a typical Indie Rock band. From the start, Nan Turner and Matthew Roth have made no bones about being a “work in progress.” They’ve not been shy about using their music as a tool for healing and growing. After two years of whirlwind touring and a family member’s cancer diagnosis, Schwervon! found themselves moving from their Lower Eastside apartment in New York City to a basement (of the house Matt grew up in) amongst the suburbs of Kansas City, Kansas. Frustrated with the process of writing new material, Matt and Nan started reworking some songs off of their third album I Dream Of Teeth. The result defied logic: a more vulnerable sound and yet somehow more kinetic. The material was given a new life through a raw acoustic treatment.

By the time they were done they had worked out six songs off of I Dream Of Teeth, as well as two cover songs.  One by The Vaselines with whom they toured with in 2011, and another by one of their favorite NYC artists The Purple Organ. The songs for Broken Teeth were recorded in their basement practice space of that very house, in Shawnee, KS, where they reside with Matt’s Dad Harry, who they are happy to report is in remission from lung cancer.

To learn more about the philosophy behind the recording project, check out Matt’s blog post…HERE!

Check Out Some Exclusive Pics. from Broken Teeth recording sessions.
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Broken Teeth is available on Compact Disk on Haymaker Records.