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Toilet engaged… Monday, Oct. 20, 2014 / Norwich, UK #SchwervonPoetry

The toilet was engaged
So we gave it a shower
The shower was engaged
So we used the hose

I’ve been in love many times
Nearly every day

I’ve watched the apples and bananas
Fall from the sky.
Meat puppets dancing
Along the highway
Feasting on kale and rain water

It blows my mind
It blows my mind
How man times
can a mind be blown.
I just can’t say.

A poster on the wall
A hole in a table
The stuffing in a seat cushion
Blowing in the wind
Hanging from a tree
Good construction material
For a nest
I’ve always been a nester
Never much of a houser

Can’t remember what it was
About the Saxaphone that
I loved so much as a child
Not true
It was the loudest instrument
I could get my hands on
I needed it
I needed it to be my voice.

Now we have gigabites
Now we have open source
Voices in our heads
We share everything
There is no need to scream

(This poem was originally recited at The Norwich Arts Centre on October 20, 2014 in Norwich, UK)