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Show Poem 3-18-14 @ Low Key “Valley Of The Vapors Festival” (Hot Springs, AK)

Only Zombies are forever young.
Just because I share the first name with the King of Mexican food doesn’t mean that I am bullet proof.
Or that my insides are steel and endless.
My life is not a personal insult to anyone.
We all pay the price for sitting on the fence of the bull ride.
The clowns are the saddest to me.
They are the Rodeo’s secret service.
At any given moment prepared to take a steers horn to the chest or snow cone to the face… the ultimate sacrifice so the cowboy may ride another day.
You are not my daughter.
How long will you wait for water?
The water round here has mysterious properties.
Healing powers.
And powers that know the Achilles heel.
You are not my daughter,
But I can love you just the same
Says the water.
It’s in the rocks. ¬†And the dirt.
It’s in the air. The trees.
It’s even in the pizza.
Hot and ready to serve.
Ready to spring like a baby grasshopper entering the woods.
There is a place for us here.
Hot and springy.
A place to drink and bathe.
And sing.
A place where all are welcome.