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Show poem… Coughing up watch parts / Friday Jan. 15/ Warrensburg, MO @ The Bay #Poetry

photo by Matt Bird-Meyer

Someone swallowd a watch today
I can hear it ticking 

A fish inside an aquarium
Bumping its nose against the glass

An Old woman rubbing her hands together
Let’s get active 

Let’s listen to the water moving
Through the pipes 

The whoosh of the furnace fire
Lighting up 


The house slowly warms. 

How many days will we get it wrong.
The voices over voices 

Turning off vs quitting
Trying vs going through the motions 

This basket of laundry at the top of the stairs
More than two sides of a coin.  

Is it possible tonight could be
Something special
Not just another night
A night for the red shoes
A night to dance 

Let’s dance 

Another cold night away
Fighting on the highway
Three quarters of the way to Warrensburg. 

I’m coughing up watch parts
springs and pieces of glass 

With a big stupid smile in my face
I’m loving you
Through the night
Until we wake arm and arm
To the light of another new day