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“Too Much Rock” Pics from Friday July 31st. @ Harling’s Upstairs

Our old pal Sid Sowder from Too Much Rock took some nice pics from our show last Friday at Harling’s Upstairs. Also on the bill were Drugs and Attics + Onward Crispin Glover.

See more pics here: TMR

Show Poem: A place for anger… July 31 / Kansas City, MO / Harling’s Upstiars #SchwervonPoetry

Photo by Too Much Rock

Beat to a pulp by sputtering
kick drums
Electronically enhanced
By years of
neglected adolescence

Staring at the front row tits
Burning away my conscience

We are family
Beneath a flag of
Energy drinks
And Bob Marley T-shirts

Our fight has been brought
Parameters defined
Encircling circle pit
Flailing arms
Just like I saw this other
Scary guy do

A clear and present danger
A place for anger
A place for fear
A place for pierced love
And tattooed affection

Death by 1000 screamos
A life giving farce
Sun burned eyes
Stare into the speakers
Compressed to their maximum

Bodies bent and bowing
At the alter of the bass.

We battle subtlety
And the little things
Nothing is worthy unless
It is worthy of crying over

Shaking our fists at the air
None of us are free of
The popularity curse
Facial caps and baseball hair

We are young
Pink and roasting in the sun

Schwervon! @ Harling’s Upstairs (KC, MO) Sat. June 7th w/ Mosquito Bandito + Mystery Date + Wick & the Tricks


The next Schwervon! show is Saturday, June 7th at Harling’s Upstairs with Mosquito Bandito + Mystery Date (from Minneapolis)+ Wick & the Tricks. Harlings is down and dirty and we expect full on dirty dancing!!!! FB Event