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The Last Dance (for now)

UntitledNext stop was Ft. Collins, CO. None of us had never been there but we were greeted with smiles from the local band Hallowd Oak. They were sweet enough to help us load our gear too. The show was in a really cool gallery space called The Artery. With lots of cool art. A great group of kids! Love to the dancers!
UntitledAs we pulled out of Ft. Collins Jeff got a text about the news of Lou Reed’s death. I didn’t even know he had been sick. Aside from a recent perverted fascination with the “Lulu” Metallica collaboration, the recent work of Lou Reed has not beena large part of my life. But just like any songwriter in the world, I would imagine, Lou has spoken to my soul on countless occasions throughout my life. It was somehow comforting to be with Jeff and Nan upon hearing the news. We were all connected through New York. The fact that it was the last day of the tour added a slight poetic aspect to the news. To clear our heads we took a little hike along a nearby reservoir UntitledUntitledThe last show was an awesome punk space called 7th Circle Music Collective. It was one of the most organized “All Ages” spaces I’ve ever seen. I like this quote I saw on the wall there. It was our best show in Denver to date! UntitledWe’ll I guess that was it. We dropped Jeff off at the airport the next morning for New York and then we high tailed it back to Kansas. We only have one day at home before we’re off to Europe. It was super nice hanging out and playing with Jeff. There are talks about doing it again in the Spring perhaps. Stay tuned? Thanks so much to all the people who came out and showed your love at the shows. It is what we live for. Also a big thanks to all the promoters, venues and opening bands. You are our wings. One of the things I love about touring the most are the simple acts of kindness that I receive regularly from people. I’ll leave you with some of the vinyl booty I acquired on the tour. Happy trails! UntitledClick here for more pics from the tour.

Big Sky, Long Drives (The Dance Continues)

UntitledAfter a 14 hour drive from Rapid City to Boise we did some serious restorative crashing at band headquarters for Sun Blood Stories, who are the sweetest people ever. The Rapid City show the night before was at a fabulous DIY space called the Llama Pen, apparently a reference to the band that practices there and, for better or worse, having nothing to do with actual Llama. It was totally our kind of space. Can’t wait to come back and see “The Cave” (TBC)! We made a couple of pals at the world famous Wall Drug on the way. (See Below) UntitledUntitledThe next night, we were back at the Crux in Boise. Great crowd and some really cool art on the walls! Also some great improvements to the sound system.
Next Stop: Salt Lake City. We reunited with a sweet fella named Rick who we played a show with in Norwich, England in 2009. He is Mathematician in Salt Lake City now. Go figure. In fact it was a night for reunions. Sharing the bill with us was Alexis Gideon, who was played a show with in Brooklyn in 2008. By the way I don’t remember any of these years specifically. I’m just asking Nan.

UntitledUntitledThe final reunion wasn’t really a reunion but it was a connection. A French Connection if you will. There was a couple traveling with Alexis who were from Bordeaux. They were also making a film. Of course they knew Martial from Total Heaven and were familiar with some of the venues where we had played there. Anyway, Rick was nice enough to let us crash at his apartment, which had a wonder view of SLC. This is Nan basking in the glow the morning after. UntitledClick here for more tour pics.

The Dance Continues

A little quick bit of business: We’ve had a show cancellation on our up and coming European tour for Saturday November 16th. If anyone can help us out with a show between Darmstadt, Germany and Belgium for this date please drop us a line.


St. Clair Broiler, St. Paul, MN

Tour Report: So far so good! After great shows in Omaha and Minneapolis (Thanks to Lot Walks and Demolition Means Progress) we have just engaged in Stage 2 of project Dances With Wolves Tour or what we like to call the Jeffrey Lewis connection. After witnessing another stellar night of Jeffrey opening for Quasi at First Ave. in Minneapolis, we’ve hit the ground running and are kicking back in Sioux Falls, SD the night before our first show together tonight at the Llama Pen, in Rapid City.

Not much debauchery to report. Had a lovely walk along the Mississippi River in St. Paul. It was a lot of fun to see Quasi again at the end of this leg of their tour having seen them a couple of weeks previously in KC. Last night’s show was much looser, ending with Sam toppling over his keyboard for the final encore and humping the keys into submission. We’ve had especially good cat luck with Puppy in Omaha and Roxy in St. Paul.

Puppy #omaha