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Schwervon! Live: Saturday,‚Äč June 29 w/ The Ramey Memo @ Rendezvous (St. Joseph, M)


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Mon. March 12 @ Davey’s Uptown/ KC, MO: Shapiro Brothers//Jack Topht//Major Matt Mason USA// Nan & the One Night Stands

Hello Friends!
It’s time for Jack Topht to come to Kansas City and melt your mind!
He is an improv rapper from Buffalo, NY! This must be seen to be believed.
Joining this madcap of amazingness will be Shapiro Brothers, Major Matt Mason USA, and Nan + the One Nite Stands.

All this on a Monday Nite, you ask? YES. Monday is the new FUNday. see you there!

Monday March 12th
@ Davey’s Uptown (front room)
3402 Main Street
Free show w/ tip jar (show some love esp for the touring artist!)

8:00 Nan + the One Nite Stands

8:45 Major Matt Mason USA

9:30 Jack Topht

10:15 Shapiro Brothers

Matt’s New Poetry Blog

Beef Jerky Clouds
Hello Friends,

I just wanted to tell you about my new poetry blog. It’s called Beef Jerky Clouds. On our last tour I decided to give myself the challenge of writing an entirely new poem for each night during the “Poetry/Interpretive Dance” section of our shows. I got so used to writing a poem everyday that I started writing them even when we didn’t have shows. The day after a performance I would post the poems here along with a pic that I took. Click Here to see examples. The process turned out to be very therapeutic for me. So, for part of my New Year’s Resolution, I have decided launch a separate blog just for poems. I’m going to try to publish one a day. I’ll probably take a day off here and there. Hopefully, this will be interesting and even inspiring to some of you.Thanks for listening.

Love, Matt