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Munich @ Kafe Kult 11/12/17 #poetry

Growing a flower in the shower
I see meat at my feet
There is little room
For my head
In the washing box
A hole where the water comes
And a hole where the dirt
Runs out

I see a wall full of ladies
Some are wearing hats
Some with flowers
Ladies, ladies, ladies
Ladies to the left
Ladies to the right
Lady luck can happen
Ladies can change things
Things can change

The Old tractor outside
Is covered in wet rags
The paint is worn
The wheels no longer turn
It has been a long time but
The rain has had its way

We lay down on the table
There are many cracks
The wood is very worn and gray
But it will still hold our coffe and cake
And sometimes this is
All we need it to do

I used to love fear but now it bores me… Sunday / November 9, 2014 #SchwervonPoetry

I used to fear sleep 
but now I love it
I used to love fear
but now it bores me

Distraction is a way to be happy

Like a horse on the prairie 
Run to the music of
Your own gallop

Gal up gal up Gallup up up up

The galloping ghost 
Will appear in your waking moment 

Drive fast, 
get drunk, 
stay up late

The man will give you 
Lots of chances to feel 

Pay no attention to the man
Or the man
Behind the curtain 
Or the man in the moon
Stop waiting for your man
It could be a woman
It could be a sandwich

Listen to the ghost
Fill your ears with cake and bread. 

Sometimes if you just read it again
Something will come
Sometimes if you just start moving
Things start to move

Ich esse schnitzel. 
Ich esse das Leben. 
Ich bin nicht Schwer. 

I am floating through
I’m not fighting the air
I trust it
The air is there always
Hold it
Let it hold you

(This poem was originally recited on November 9, 2014 at Kafe Kult in Munich, Germany)