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Show Poem: Like painting hands Squeezing our own tails… July 08/ Harrisonburg, VA / Golden Pony #SchwervonPoetry

Like an exploding sperm whale carcus
I salute the day with
Music and dance 

Constant reinvention
Is how we stay happy 

Tree covered mountains
Cloud filled skys
Black bird
With no feathers around the neck
Two for one Gatorade 

I have no good reason
To be steaming mad at dirt 

Let’s play the game of Proud America
Where the consultation prize is freedom 

Like painting hands
Squeezing our own tails

Brick walls that sing us awake
A moment to consider 

Yes there is more here
Than there appears to be
At first glance 

Yes I am attempting to
speak to you between the lines

Yes I am trying to reveal more
Than what we allow
Typically allow ourselves 

Is it too much? 

I have an endless Hungar

Ever since that
Basement party in the
7th grade
I learned some things
Middle toes and groups dynamics

I learned about the art of the gather
And the moment

But the best thing I learned
Was the dance
At least to try 

The lock around my heart
Was lifted
I was free like a copper kettle
Like ancient morning
Sky on camera
On the web