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Show Poem: 3-8-14 @ Listing Loon (Cincinnati, OH w/ Wussy Duo)

I woke up this morning and briefly forgot where I was.
Depending on one’s state of mind it can be a little alarming or kind of liberating experience.
I heard somewhere that it takes the average person 3 days of sleeping in the same place to fully maximize the rest potential for one night of sleep.
It’s a good thing I’m ┬ánot an average person.
Today I woke up on a cold couch in front of a modern Japanese tapestry covered in portraits of shy looking kittens some of which appeared to be beating themselves in the head with tiny hammers.
I imagined them sounding something like this:
Meow, Ow!
Meow, Ow!
Meow, Ow!
I was considering how these cats could be an apt metaphor for my life as a musician.
Tonight, I saw a woman in a restaurant who looked much older than her voice.
She had gray hair and glasses but when I heard her speak she said, “I’d like totally be into that. Yeah, super cool.”
It was weird at first but then after a while I thought it was kinda cool.
I hope I’m like that when I get old.