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Local Music for the Holidays @ Zebedee’s RPM

Music is the gift that keeps on giving. Consider it for this years holiday gift giving season. Luckily, Kansas city has a lot of interesting local artists to fit the bill like these albums on display at Zebedee’s RPM in Midtown. Pssst, the one in the lower left corner looks pretty cool.

Local Music @ Zebedee’s RPM

Schwervon! mentioned in article about “Local Music”

Our pal Tony wrote a very thoughtful article entitled: I Hate Local Music for the Rule Of Thumb blog. Luckily, he seems to be a fan of Schwervon! regardless of where we hang our hat.Sam's fish

COURAGE now available at local KC record stores: Vinyl Renaissance, It’s A Beautiful Day, & Zebedee’s RPM


Just in time for the holidays. We are proud to announce that the new Schwervon! record is now available at a few select, local, Kansas City record stores. So, drop on by: Vinyl Renaissance (on 39th St.),  It’s A Beautiful Day,  or Zebedee’s RPM and pick up a copy or two. And tell ’em Nan and Matt sent you! Hey, and while you’re at it why not pick up some other stuff too and save a trip? Music always makes a good gift, even if you’re just giving it to yourself.