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Nürnberg @ K4 11/14/17 #poetry

I do all my best work in the past.

Sometimes it feels difficult
To start one thing
When another is unfinished

The rocks look like mushrooms
The fog makes us feel like we’re cooking.
Our juices are coming out
They make water for the plants.

I did all my best work in the future.

Sometimes it is hard to imagine
That anything
Is ever really finished

Ground control to Mr. Tom
All the amazing things
One can do with peanuts.
It’s not over yet.
When will it be enough.

We can not boil away
The bugs in our stomach
We can not peal our skin
Like the covering on a Weißwurst

Where is the line between
government and music
Where is the line between
people and art
Where is the the line between
The line between the lines
That keep the cars from

Stop criticizing  the damaged child.. Thursday / December 4, 2014 #SchwervonPoetry

Expecting too much of everything
A passionate walk home alone
Help point at the end of the rainbow
Old, old Friends

Someone else controlling 
The playback in your monitor. 

Wishing and blaming 
Frustration and not trying
Always leave an offering for the gods 
A hat 
a scarf 
a quarter pound of sausage 
slice of pie. 
A Nickel back CD

An old dolphin never lies
A bruised cheek smiling
A chocolate stained mattress

Don’t criticizie me 
while I’m driving
Don’t criticize me 
While I’m criticizing you and driving

Stop criticizing 
the damaged child  

I don’t know why 
good things can’t stay?
I don’t know why 
Americans are always apologizing?

Everyone’s got their shit to do
Everyone’s having children
So they can have a good 
Excuse for not going to shows

Everyone’s looking for a way out 
The perfect pussy 
A blind mans ear
Warm places to pee

It’s not complicated. 
It’s a computer 

It’s not young people dressing old
Or old people dressing young
It’s about shoes that last 
And good hit Chocolate  
And letting go of that fight 
With the distraction 
Of forgetting someone’s name

I know I know 
So many cookies to try 
So many distractions 
So much to fight for. 

Spots on a rock
Tears in a choke hold 
The art of drinking 
A glass eye filled with wine
A a story telling soldier
It could change things 
What else can it do.

(This poem was originally recited on December, 4 at Electric Avenue in Buffalo, New York)

You’ll see This life can change you Into something whole…Tuesday / December 2, 2014 #SchwervonPoetry

Crackle reckless cackle 
Blind spots 
Missed memories
Sunshine mama’s el sombrero 

Get the money

Paint on the floor
A cut out on the wall

You’re not looking at the best 
Just the lucky survivors 

Got one year 
One year of losing it

Matisse on the toilet 
Happy Grandma Beyoncé 

At a certain time 
Everyone on the train
Is ugly. 
At a certain time
Everyone on the train
Is beautiful. 

Cold bricks and widened sidewalks
The games of not there
Still there 
Lost hats and scarfs 

All the pain 
The finger that points
All of the tears 
The texting while driving
The cool not cool
My graffiti is prettier 
Than your graffiti 
The underwear vs. 
The outwer wear

It’s all worth it 
The light is worth it
The smiles 
The warm forehead 
The cold morning 
Sounds of early trash trucks 
Little farts under the covers 

I swear to fucking god 
It’s all worth it
Every second. 
Every asshole
Every smile
People just walk right past you 
It’s all beatiful and worth it 
I swear 
You’ll see 
This life can change you
Into something whole
You’ll see. 
You will.

(This poem was originally recited on December, 2 at Shea Stadium in iBrooklyn, New York)