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Show Poem 4-03-14 @ Riot Room “Middle Of the Map Fest” (KC, MO)


Photos by Joshua Efron I Heart Local Music

How many licks does it take to get to the middle of the map
Life is different when you’re always on the inside
Always close to the bone.
We hold the meat together.
We slow cook it and smother it in sacrifice sauce
We let the dogs out and make them police our junk yards
We tie them up the way we wish to be tied
We give them space
Sometimes curse them for wanting to step foot in ours
We praise them for loving us
The kind of love we crave
We learn the hard way
The middle one is not always the center of attention
Sometimes the center is a hole
But that is where the gift happens
That is where we learn to make our own fun.
When you’re in the middle of the map every step is one step away from the center
But today we dance in circles and celebrate ourselves
With music and madness and the meat of our love

Schwervon! will be playing 2014 ‘s Middle of the Map Festival

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