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“Land Locked / Off Duty Trip” limited edition 7 Inch

After a little pre-release for all of our live show pals in Europe for the past few weeks, we are happy to announce that our limited edition 7 inch single: Land Locked / Off Duty Trip on Too Much Rock  is now available at the Schwervon! Bandcamp Store just in time for the holiday gift giving season. I suppose now would also be a good time to tell you about the Free/ All Ages show we’re doing at Mills Records on Satruday Dec. 7th with one our favorite local bands: LAZY. Come celebrate with us and satisfy your cravings for fresh vinyl!  Landlocked_front

Recording Week

This past week we’ve been recording a couple of songs for an up an coming 7″ which is slated to be the flagship release of a series of singles by our favorite local Kansas City Music Blog/Live Show Picture Source/Podcast: Too Much Rock. The A-Side will be a new, original, tune called Landlocked and the B-Side is a cover of Off Duty Trip by the Raincoats. Here’s a few pics of some of the shenanigans.

Nan in her drum lair and hair.

That pedalboard is one of the best investments I’ve made in along time. Already busting out the RAT pedal that my pal Sam gave me on a recent trip to NYC!
Pedal Pusher #studio #landlocked

This was our first recording at our cozy new home-headquarters in Shawnee, Kansas. Of course we offer regular sacrifices to The Vaselines alter in the corner.

Recording in the house that I grew up in was a little intense. I have a very intimate knowledge of every corner of that place. As a kid my Dad used to stand at the top of these stairs and scream at me to get out of bed and get ready for school. The slap echo of that stairwell is embed in my brain. It turned out to be the perfect place to record backup vocals.

The Raincoats – Off Duty Trip

Working up a cover of this Raincoats tune for a B-side of of a single we’re doing. If anyone has a good lead on a place to find some accurate printed lyrics for this song (Off Duty Trip) please let us know. I think we’ve got ’em for the most part but a couple are a little tricky. Thanks!