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Barenbach @ Shorty’s 11/20/17 #poetry

If you cannot reach
The top of the mountain
Try Yodeling to your friends

When kindness comes
Naturally accept it
It is the only God I believe in
Today I see her everywhere

A bird sitting on cold branch
An ashtray full of rain water
A donkey eating hay
A picture of a cat with an orange
A family dancing to punk rock

I hear the books talking to me
I see the records painting their pictures
The message is in the torn couches
The painted paw prints on the fence
Send us a sign. The animals are making sculpture every day.

What does it say?

It says: Hallö! Welkomen.
Would you like a coffee or maybe a beer.
Are you hungry? Here is the toilet.
Make yourself at home.

Mannheim @ Altes Volksbad 11/18/17 #poetry

Techno Christmas Glühwein
We lay down before the
Mannheim steamroller
The market is open

We play with fire everyday
We know
Our home may some day be our coffin

Wooden cows eating by
The side of the road
Next to giant chocolate rocks
I see a car made of Gummi
With Lebkuchen wheels
Trees with bread branches
And butter leaves

Giant electric mothers
Stretch across the horizon
They spread their arms and legs
Connected through lines of power
They dangle like old skin beneath our arms
They Keep us alive
They Keep us young
They Keep us tied up like a dog to a tree
A dog that is capeable
Of great joy

Mulhouse @ Gambrinus 11/16/17 #poetry

Teaching kids how to make sausage
It’s not so pretty
How to marry the meat with the spices.
How to mix the fat with the flesh
How to kill the pig.
How to wash your hands.
To prepare the guts for stuffing.
It’s not so easy.

De temps en temp J’oublie.
And I write the same poem twice.
But the sausage is never the same
It’s not a fast process.

When the whole town sees how
The sausage is made
There is no mystery in the meal
There is no fear in the food
The is no worry that the sausage
Knows something
We don’t.