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Nürnberg @ K4 11/14/17 #poetry

I do all my best work in the past.

Sometimes it feels difficult
To start one thing
When another is unfinished

The rocks look like mushrooms
The fog makes us feel like we’re cooking.
Our juices are coming out
They make water for the plants.

I did all my best work in the future.

Sometimes it is hard to imagine
That anything
Is ever really finished

Ground control to Mr. Tom
All the amazing things
One can do with peanuts.
It’s not over yet.
When will it be enough.

We can not boil away
The bugs in our stomach
We can not peal our skin
Like the covering on a Weißwurst

Where is the line between
government and music
Where is the line between
people and art
Where is the the line between
The line between the lines
That keep the cars from

Munich @ Kafe Kult 11/12/17 #poetry

Growing a flower in the shower
I see meat at my feet
There is little room
For my head
In the washing box
A hole where the water comes
And a hole where the dirt
Runs out

I see a wall full of ladies
Some are wearing hats
Some with flowers
Ladies, ladies, ladies
Ladies to the left
Ladies to the right
Lady luck can happen
Ladies can change things
Things can change

The Old tractor outside
Is covered in wet rags
The paint is worn
The wheels no longer turn
It has been a long time but
The rain has had its way

We lay down on the table
There are many cracks
The wood is very worn and gray
But it will still hold our coffe and cake
And sometimes this is
All we need it to do

Leipzig @ Kulturapotheke 11/9/17 #poetry

Sometimes our name
Comes from
Where we are born
A berry of the earth

Sometimes our name
Comes from
The tools we use to survive
A berry of the sraw

Sometimes we do no know
The story of our name
And sometimes we
We choose to forget

There is so much earth
And only a small part is human

We are sending waves of energy
All the time
Even on the couch
Even when we sleep
Sometimes we work harder
In our sleep

We go to the apothecary
To feel better
We work from the inside
With the chemicals
Of our own bodies