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Saturday, September 23 /Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge 10pm w/ Emaline Twist + The Sluts

Show poem… Merry chew mass / Friday Dec. 11/ Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge #Poetry

photo by Fally Afani

A soft needle to the eye
A flash of discomfort
The branch of a Christmas tree
Forced through a crack
In the wall

Knowledge that changes
Just a small part of it
Grows ever so slowly

Merry Fasciam
Happy Porno Days

Riding the rough patches
Bald spots
Softening the tone

Whistling at kettles
A dead feather in the screen door
Everything is now a chew toy

Chew for love
Chew for cheer
Chew for sex
Chew for Christmas
Chewmas is upon us
Merry chew mass
Dirty chew mass

I had the time of my life
And I owe it all to cookies

Lighting cymbals on fire
And sacrificing to the gods.

The gods of love
Gods of reason
The gods gods
Gods of goddess
Goddess of salad
Goddess of dressing
The whole shebang

Poetry and light
All of it.

Show Poem… Hello Yes It is you that I’m looking for (for Nan) /Sept 12 / Replay Lounge Lawrence, KS #poetry 

I am the dark and you are the light
The light of my life

Like a fine wine
Getting better with age
Or a not so fine wine
Sprucing up a pizza on a Tuesday night
Intoxicating me
In so any ways
You help me see things

My straight thoughts are crooked
My crooked thoughts
Are Twisted
Deeper and deeper
Sinking smiling teeth
Into a rich and fertile soil
As though the dirt
We’re made of chocolate

Pine cone sap on my finger tips
The smell of early Autumn
Stretching and softening
Devouring all things green

A fountain of youth
Forever discovering
Crawling on hands and knees
Like a sweet and happy baby

Silver pink sparkles
A passionate girl
But unmistakably
All woman

I’m so psyched to be
Chilling with you still
After so many years
Sometimes it feels
Like a blink of an eye

Jamming in context studios
On ave A

Flying across the world

You lost your shit and screamed at the doctors to give me antibiotics
When I almost passed out in line at the clinic for my ear infection

The road has not always been smooth

When the chips are down
You are the one that I want
By my side
Dancing in the dark

The wind beneath my wings
The feet beneath my words

It is you that I’m looking for