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Show Poem: “Love Attack” (KC, MO/ Harlings Upstairs/ 6-7-14)


Let’s stop fucking around and let’s start making love
Let’s stop beating people up with our beat, beat, beating hearts

Let’s stop pumping the world like it was a stalled car with an empty gas tank
Let’s stop blaming the ones who love us let’s star filling and fulfilling with hot air.
Let’s stop jabbing and shoving and kicking and screaming
Let’s start talking walking and hearing and kissing
What’s the point of pointless
What’s the point of engaging the bullshit
Unless there is something there to love?
And then let’s just love it.
You don’t have to be hard to be heard
You don’t have to be loud to get laid
Let’s take off our lampshades and  spend some time in the light together.
We can stop beating our chests
No one is having a heart attack here
Instead we could have a love attack
We could  make up a song right now called love attack that goes something like this:
Love attack. Ba ba
You hit me with a love attack.  Ba ba
We can start singing right now.
We can sing together
you don’t have to know the words.
Just sing
Ba ba
Love attack
You hit me with a…