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Living the cover up With the odd vacation to myself / Coda / KC, MO, / March 11, 2016 #poetry

 Under raps
Time spent
Developing the characters
Keeping the meals down
Second guessing the eyes
Of all those imaginary

Constructing a puzzle
Out of poker chips
And auto parts
Shoes strings, duct tape
Gummy worms
Sour grapes 

Taping our shoes
To look like duck fins 

Living the cover up
With the odd vacation to myself 

Living upside down is a bitch

Almost just as hard as
Facing a pack of tireless
Barking dogs that never ever

I met the Pope
and he seemed like a dope
I said how’s it to hanging?
And gave me a rope. 

This is not everything
This is not all bad
This is not even mostly bad 

The skyscraper lights hover
Like charged particles 
Drum beats flickering
In the hairy city streets 

Don’t know how to end it
Never great with endings
I don’t know how this will
End but I am sure donuts
Will probably be involved