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Fri. June 10 in St. Louis, MO @ Foam w/ Dressy Bessy + Whoa Thunder 

Cremation… Wednesday Oct. 8, 2014 / St. Louis, MO #SchwervonPoetry


photo by Paige Brubeck

No feeling whatsoever
Or so much you can’t distinguish
One one from  another or nothing
Let’s go for a walk
Listen to the sounds
Inside and out
They’re always there for us
Like the knowledge that some day we will die
Oops sorry
Did you forget that?
Didn’t mean to kill the party
Unless maybe your party is killing someone else.

Did you know that it is possible to live witness the cremation of a loved one?
All you have to do is ask.
You can even press the button.
I know it sounds a little weird.
But wouldn’t it be better than a complete stranger doing it all alone
At some random time on some random day?
Just sending another one down the conveyor belt.
Isn’t it a much nicer idea to have your remains
scorched into eternity by someone you love?
Someone who cared for you
and you cared for.
I do.

(This poem was originally recited at Melt on October 8, 2014 in St. Louis)

Show Poem 4-18-14 @ The Heavy Anchor (St. Louis, MO)

The sky opens up like a giant biscuit
Flaky and warm
Waiting to be crippled in the hand of God and smeared in impossible amounts of butter and gravy
I’ve just spent the better part of 4 days with a 3 year old and the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to allow life to stick to the roof of your mouth
The second biggest thing I’ve learned is to sweat the small stuff and then to not sweat the small stuff
The third thing I learned is that from tears grow the flowers of happiness
A single teardrop is worth a million bombs when it comes to a swift ending to conflict
The sound of a child’s ass hitting the floor after falling from a chair resonates like a cannon fired across the bow of a ship.
We must all learn to let go of our tears.
We must all appreciate the awareness required to complain in paradise.
We must learn every thing that goes into a  Real Good Friday.
We have to learn the game within the game.
The subtext of our script.
The script behind the scripture.
Let’s all raise a leg to another Good Friday.
SMS confess our sins
LOL TGIGF TGIGF thank god it’s Good Friday thank god it’s Good Friday.
The sin is about to begin