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Show Poem: Look inside the light and Don’t forget your sunglasses… July 11/ Cincinnati, OH / The Comet #SchwervonPoetry

No pets allowd
At the welcome center

You could tell by the way
She folded her arms
She’s was box office poison
A gal from the sticks
With a heart of oak
And a wooden smile to match

There’s something a
Little too sensual about
The mouth feel of this candy

Do you have any idea
How many times you’ve
Said the f word over the course
If this conversation?

Peeing makes me have to pee
The hospital made me sicker
Engenieering a longer lasting flavor
The shortest distance between
Two pains

The long lost art of
Practicing delayed gratification

Brushing off demons  with
The soft catlike hair
Of an old man

Making love to a wall
That beats me every night

We all lace up our diamond
Encrusted cat skinned
Girdle the same way
One soggy cornflake
Soaked moustache at a time

Look inside the light and
Don’t forget your sunglasses

Watching the numbers rise
Spin out of control

Hell is for real
And it’s full of people
Who feel the need to
Advertise it’s existence
On billboards from the
Side of the highway

Beans in a bowl
A relatable stranger
It’s the little things
This is not fun
This is not supposed to be fun

Spend a little time in an unfamiliar bed…Friday Oct. 10, 2014 / Cincinnati, OH #SchwervonPoetry

Every now and then

Spend a little time in an unfamiliar bed

Let alien sirens sing you to sleep
I used to think that power was knowing where you are going
But now I know
getting lost is where it’s at
Stop troubling over the question of whether all of the make-up
people wear on television
makes them clowns or drag queens.
Just tickle yourself at the thought that the higher the definition gets
the more lines and wrinkles appear
So relax
Breathe in the tiny hells.
Taste the singed hairs in the back of your throat.
Bathe in dry creek beds
Light up all the swimming pools.
Climb the ladder.
Peek into that window.
Let life punch you in the face
Then let it blow your hair back
Into place
Then take shower with it
Share a washcloth
Soap up life
Make it a ritual
Like breakfast
Or band practice.
(This poem was originally recited at The Comet on October 10, 2014 in Cincinnati, OH)