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Show Poem… There’s always someone Who plays the player /Sept 21 /The Union KC,MO #poetry

My heart is a light beep.
Like Roudolph’s nose
Or ET.

There’s always someone
Who plays the player

The eyeball on the nipple
The mouth at the end of a cock

The cry at night

No one likes a random asshole
Unless you’re very sad inside

No one likes their cup looking
Back at them

I feel the back of this chair
I can feel my waistband
Digging into my skin

I feel the ice cubes melting
The noses running down the walls

I miss that energy
When a year felt like forever

If I could just eat my
Way to your heart
So many ships built
For an orgasm

Transferring liquid
From one vessel to the next

Sharing smiles like a
Magic fart
A sweet smelling gas
That reminds you
Of all the millions of beautiful
Things you have experienced
But couldn’t remember

Morning light
Chai lattes
Walking in deep mud
With good galoshes on
Stupid roommates
You don’t have to deal with anymore

Life is full of great shit
It’s rarely in a can