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Remarkable Artist: Toby Goodshank

Matt just posted the second installment of his “Remarkable Artist” series: A conversation with Toby Goodshank.

Olive Juice Music

– I’m Matt Roth (aka. Major Matt Mason USA).  I’ve been making music and curating art for over 20 years, mostly with my band Schwervon! and various solo projects as well as through an organization called Olive Juice Music. I’ve met a lot of interesting people along the way. I’ve decided to compile a series of conversations with some of the artists who have moved and inspired me the most. Some are better known than others. All of them are remarkable. –

It was the 2001 album: This Is For John Word that first brought Toby Goodshank to my attention. I believe he gave it to me after watching him perform at The Sidewalk Cafe circa 2003. It sounded like it was recorded in a bathroom with a hand held tape recorder. There was a spoken word segment on that album of a very pornographic rant done in the…

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