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Show Poem… We peek through the cracks Of light /Sept 19 /Private Show KC,MO #poetry

Life is a move

Muscles cramp
Bones soften
We peek through the cracks
Of light

The stains on the ceiling
dirt on the sidewalk
Chasing the past
Running from the future

We join the pack
Our horns grow longer
Over time
And then one day
Fall off
Or get knocked off

Chew toys for dogs
And wolves
And occasional foxes

Ich finde dich schwer
Ich finde dich nett
Ich schwer von be griff

We never return Unscathed
We never leave home

Pillows full of magic
The strange energy
At airports

We celebrate our friendship
Powdered milk biscuits
The crowds over the ocean
We drift back and forth

We make it rain
We don’t need to choose sides
This is clear
Clear as night
Clear as the forest
After the rain.