Summer Sun Tour 2012: Toledo, Akron

Things are looking up. (Akron, 2012)Things are looking up!

Ottawa Tavern, ToledoHad a good Sunday night in Toledo (despite the typo). We crashed with our friend Justin’s (Elastic No No Band) parents. They are very very nice people. His Mom made us some delicious sandwiches. They were good sports and even came out to the show.  The next day Denis (Dad) told us that both he and a friend of theirs, who was at the show as well,  both saw spirits on stage performing with us. He said that we weren’t alone up there. I thought that was kind of cool and a nice thing to think about.  Also on the Toledo bill were a couple of cool bands from Milwaukee: The Fatty Acids and Sat. Nite Duets.

John's place in Stow, OHOne of the cool things about playing Akron last night was staying at our new friend John’s house in the nearby town of Stow. It’s very peaceful. We fed stale bagels and hamburger buns to the fish and had a nice relaxing walk.

John has a lot of cool collectibles in his house. “G’day mate!”

Pete LaCockI remember this guy from my childhood.  He was a real heart throb. Never thought about the name.

With the show at The Vault in Buffalo, tonight, we officially re-enter the east coast for the first time since we moved to Kansas. We’re excited to visit with friends. See you soon NYC!

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