Summer Sun road report: St. Louis, Cincinnati

This is Howlin’. He was our bunk buddy in St. Louis and I have to say he made a great pillow. He also has a lovely baritone voice. Thanks to Chris, from the Warm Jets, for putting us up and being such a great host. Thanks also to the very fun Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes from Indianapolis. Also locals Dinofight and Ultraviolents throughly math-rocked our worlds! Rockin’ brunch at Benton Park Cafe BTW!

Was cool to run into new/old NYC buddy Richard Ringer last night in Cincinnati. Had a lot of fun with  Homemade Drugs (the band) and the quesadillas at The Comet did me right.  Just heard locals The Monocots will be sharing the bill with us in Chattanooga, TN at JJ’s Bohemia on the 12th of July. See y’all there!
Howlin's Heart

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