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Schwervon! Summer Sun Tour 2012: Charlottesville, Chapel Hill, Asheville

Good food day. Spinach salad for lunch and then blackened Tilapia on a tortilla at the Lucky Otter in Asheville. The Get Down is a cool place,  just the right combination of Old School Holiday Cocktail Lounge and  Roadhouse for us.
Hannah and Gordon's
We stayed with Hannah and Gordon from the band Free Lunch last night. They had this picture in their living room and it gave me Deja Vu for some reason.

Mirror in The Cave (Chapel Hill)
The night before we played The Cave in Chapel Hill. It felt a lot like playing in a cave. The best part was that it was nice and cool, a welcome quality considering the past three days have been in the hundreds. The night before that was our friend Ben’s (The Wigg Report) birthday. To celebrate we bar hopped, via bicycle, around downtown Durham, NC with his wife Rachel. I’m ashamed to admit that it was probably the first time Nan and I had been on bicycles in at least a year. It was a lot of fun and a fantastic way to deal with the awkward position of electing a designated driver.
Nan and Ben
Nan and Ben at the Cave.

The night before we played Charlottesville, VA. We got to spend some time with old NYC friends Diane and Ken. They live in Charlottesville now. We had a nice lunch where I got the best Chile Rellenos I’ve ever had in my life.
Cave Paintings
I forgot to take pictures in Charlottesville so here’s another picture of a wall in The Cave.


Schwervon! Summer Sun Tour 2012: Philly, Baltimore, Roanoke

This is Chevy. She lives with our friend Liv on a farm in upstate NY. We stayed with her after out show in Kingston, NY. This is actually the second dog named Chevy that we’ve met on tour this year. They were both extremely sweet.

The Great IndoorsOur buddy Barrett, from Ghostlight, pulled off our last minute Philly house show with flying colors. Thanks for the peeps that came out.

Rock Fuel
The following day we had a great 4th of July backyard show with our old Baltimore pals The Degenerettes and Silence Kid. Special thanks to Rahne and Kristen for putting the night together and Troy for opening up his house for such a lovely party.

Nan on the stairs.The next portion of our tour will be known in the history books as the “Rash Days.” For some mysterious reason, after the Baltimore show, Nan came down with an extreme case of heat rash. She seems really itchy and pretty miserable. Like the ultimate rock Goddess that she is, she still managed to kill it for our Roanoke, VA show last night with The Bastards Of Fate . Our movement towards the South combined with several days of extreme heat already are not making things easy.

Roanoke Flyer
Doug from TBOF was nice enough to make us pancakes this morning! It was great to share a bill with them in our favorite place in Roanoke: Bazaar Consignments. By the way, any friends in the DC area should check out The Bastards Of Fate at The Galaxy Hut in Arlington this Sunday. Cool place! Really cool band!
Watch your cakes!


Philly BBQ Rock Show Tonight: July 3rd

@ Great Indoors (email: for address!)
Philadelphia, PA / Nite starts 8pm!

Present from our friend BillThank you New York for welcoming us back with open arms. The Brooklyn show on Friday was down right spiritual. Big ups to Berth Control, Supercute, Freddie Fox & Trixie Rose, John S. Hall’s impromptu poems and those super nice fellas at Big Snow. Check out these AMAZING sculptures that our friend Bill gave us at the show!!!

The Beacon River Fest show the next day was a pure relaxing delight. Loved the pulled pork tacos and sweet potato pie. We even found a bag of weed in the parking lot which we passed onto our friend Anthony. Score all around!

And last but not least the Goodbye Blue Monday solo night was a wonderful homecoming. It was nice to share the stage again with Julie and Gold as well as discovering favorite new local band Heavy Birds. Thanks to Steve and crew at GBM for always being there.

Nice Spread
Nice spread at last night’s Humboldt House Party. It was nice to be able to visit our second family in NYC so soon after our relocation. Nan and I miss and love you all so much. We feel truly blessed for having such wonderful friends.

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