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Spring Roll Tour 2013 In Pictures…

Below is the final installment of our Spring Roll 2013 picture history. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and all the awesome bands that shared stages with us. It was our best US tour so far. We love you all very much!
See you next time.
Nan & Matt
This Saturday, April 6th at The Union of Westport, we are honored to be returning to the Middle of the Map Festival. Aside from being the best festival in our home town, MOTM marks the one year anniversary of our first ever gig in KC. AND WE’RE READY TO CELEBRATE! Sharing the bill with us are some amazing bands including: Drew Black and The Dirty Electric, Berwanger, The Belles, & The Regrets. See you there!

The Vault
Degenerettes House
Laverne & Shirley
Club K
Golden West
Nan and Rahane
Richmond, VA
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Schwervon “Spring Roll” Tour 2013


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Schwervon! Summer Sun Tour 2012: Philly, Baltimore, Roanoke

This is Chevy. She lives with our friend Liv on a farm in upstate NY. We stayed with her after out show in Kingston, NY. This is actually the second dog named Chevy that we’ve met on tour this year. They were both extremely sweet.

The Great IndoorsOur buddy Barrett, from Ghostlight, pulled off our last minute Philly house show with flying colors. Thanks for the peeps that came out.

Rock Fuel
The following day we had a great 4th of July backyard show with our old Baltimore pals The Degenerettes and Silence Kid. Special thanks to Rahne and Kristen for putting the night together and Troy for opening up his house for such a lovely party.

Nan on the stairs.The next portion of our tour will be known in the history books as the “Rash Days.” For some mysterious reason, after the Baltimore show, Nan came down with an extreme case of heat rash. She seems really itchy and pretty miserable. Like the ultimate rock Goddess that she is, she still managed to kill it for our Roanoke, VA show last night with The Bastards Of Fate . Our movement towards the South combined with several days of extreme heat already are not making things easy.

Roanoke Flyer
Doug from TBOF was nice enough to make us pancakes this morning! It was great to share a bill with them in our favorite place in Roanoke: Bazaar Consignments. By the way, any friends in the DC area should check out The Bastards Of Fate at The Galaxy Hut in Arlington this Sunday. Cool place! Really cool band!
Watch your cakes!