Monthly Archives: December 2012

Schwervon! makes MMF End-of-2012 Mix

Schwervon! is honored to be on Brenton Cook’s (of the Midwestern Music Foundation) “End of 2012 Mix.” The MMF is a, non profit, collective of musicians and music lovers, created to support music and musicians in Kansas City and the surrounding areas. BrentonĀ  is responsible for spearheading the Midwestron Audio Vol. 1 compilation released earlier this year.


Steady States + HMPH + Schwervon + The Heavy Figs + Uzis, Dec. 14th @ The Roost

Local Music for the Holidays @ Zebedee’s RPM

Music is the gift that keeps on giving. Consider it for this years holiday gift giving season. Luckily, Kansas city has a lot of interesting local artists to fit the bill like these albums on display at Zebedee’s RPM in Midtown. Pssst, the one in the lower left corner looks pretty cool.

Local Music @ Zebedee’s RPM