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Free All Ages Show! Sat Nov. 7 / KC, MO / Mills Records

“Shine a light” (Abigail Henderson) by Michelle Bacon

An important figure in the Kansas City Music community has passed. We’ve only been in KC for a little more than a year but it wasn’t long before we felt the welcoming presence of Abigail Henderson. We only met Abby a couple of times but through her music and all of the fantastic things that occur with The Midwestern Music Foundation we felt her love. My strongest memory is of her thanking us, profusely, after our gig at the Mid-Coast Takeover, in Austin, this past March. I felt like I needed to be thanking “her.” After a very short time in KC The Midwestern Music Foundation included Schwervon! on a local compilation as well as having us take part in that unforgettable 4 day showcase at SXSW. As usual, local KC musician and Chief Editor at The Deli KC, Michelle Bacon, puts it into words better than anyone: Shine a light..

Todd Zimmer Photos From the 2013 SXSW Midcoast Takeover

2013_03_16 0562 MidCoast TakeoverMore pics here