There will always be words…Monday / November 10, 2014 #SchwervonPoetry

Last night I dreamed something 
Compelling me to write it down 
But then
I started thinking of you
And forgot the dream
Now I’m just making it up
That I dreamed I was 
Running through the streets 
Of a large city. 
I had very long hair 
And shoes on my feet.
My hair kept getting caught 
On lamp posts 
and car bumpers.
When I turned a corner my hair 
Got wrapped around 
some people’s necks. 
And I started to drag them 
As I ran down the street. 

There will always be words 
But we will not always speak them 

There will always be places to hide
We will not always hear them 

We will never see every 
Fish in the ocean
Never taste
Every bug that enters our body

We dance with the hanging 
Corpses above our souls 

We watch our children grow 
Like vegetables in the rain
We are like race cars
We leave tracks 
Every time we go around 

We lift our legs and cry
We pull on our faces 
And paint the walls with 
Dirt and light

Big moves in the night
Small circles 
In circles 
You are in every one

(This poem was originally recited on November 10,, 2014 at Kurhaus in Alling, Germany)

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