We will let ourselves  Be caught in the nets… Wednesday / November 12, 2014 #SchwervonPoetry

Staying up too late with friends
Souer kirsch mit peanut butter

Learning to deal with an 
Anxious loved one
I am so, so proud of you
So I am proud of us

We dance like 3  sausages
Exposing on a hot plate 

And if you start to feel 
The deep fog settling in
Don’t worry
I will guide you
With silence
And being

Insanity can be beautiful
Hurting people is not beautiful
Self obsession is not beautiful 

But when it passes
It is a like a million setting sons
Into an ocean of warm absenthe 

Cat pictures just might 
Save the world 
Saving the world 
Just might destroy 
The universe
Saving ourselves
Shaving our cells
Shaving our shelves 
Showering our shoulders

We are all scared 
The bravest thing is to admit it
The bravest thing is the be afraid 
The bravest thing is not to fight

The grass will grow back
The bumps will smooth over 

The gas stations will come and go
The angel wings flutter 
Like un plugged guitar strings 

We let them pull us 
Pull us into the lake water 
We will swim like fish
We will let ourselves 
Be caught in the nets
We will allow ourselves to
Be eaten. 
It is the best for now

(This poem was originally recited on November 12, 2014 at Franzis in Wetzlar, Germany)

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