Kiss a cop for Jesus… Friday / November 14, 2014 #SchwervonPoetry

Kiss a cop for Jesus

Chocolate ice cream
Before midnight 
Hearsay is news 
Lasagne by Aldi

Waking to the sound of 
Running water and cars
A lover snoring
A computer dies every 20 seconds 

I have brilliant friends 
But everybody gets tired

I will employ one thousand
Canary birds to 
Blow my wet hands dry

You don’t have to destroy a life
Just jerk off
And get back to business
In one second everything can change
A worm can turn into a lion
A tree can explode
A teardrop falls from a wire 
A teapot melts 

Banannas for everyone

I express myself 
And sometimes it hurts 
That doesn’t mean the world 
Is there for the purpose
Of absorbing my droppings

The world is a teacher
We learn so much more
When we listen
We learn so much more
When we respect the teacher 

When we love
Sometimes things are difficult 
It doesn’t always rain 
When you want it to
But rain is never wrong 

Bad feelings can grow 
Like a centipede 
But love can grow too

It’s a choice 
It’s easy 
Love is hard
Love can be easy too

(This poem was originally recited on November 14, at Mudd Cub in Strasbourg, France)

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