The love matters.  Keep it going… Thursday / November 13, 2014 #SchwervonPoetry

Last night I dreamed 
I crashed a car into a house 
All of my friends were 
Totally un sympathetic

There she goes again
Like a bird she will fly

How do we live like this
We live every day with 
With love

My life is starting over again
Again, and then again

You read the paper upside down 
And then you say it deceives you

Churches should be built 
Over the course of all time 
And never finished 

My right hand will never touch 
My right elbow

I will never take a picture
Of My camera 

My hands are the roots
My legs are the branches
A birds nest in my ass
A mouth full of dirt

I’m not dancing to be clever
I’m not singing to numb the feeling

We are on a grand voyage. 
We are on a quest for good cheese
We are looking for the toilet 

Six one half dozen the other 
Gehubbt wie gedubbt

We are all in this together
It’s love 
It’s terrible 
Let’s celebrate 
The years don’t matter. 
The love matters. 
Keep it going.

(This poem was originally recited on November 13, at Reng Teng Tang in Freiburg, Germany)

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