Sometimes you have to fight yourself… Saturday / December 6, 2014 #SchwervonPoetry

Cheetos on the mattress 
Satellite shish kabob 
Will this wound ever heal? 
There’s nothing behind the camera

Distant engines in the night
Scorpion pinball flippers
Administering the tax code
Red Velvet Revolution 

I can play the part of the clown
But there are times…

Pay attention to the price 
Of coffee

Holding is not choking 
Choking is not breathing
Holding is the truth 
Choking is out 
Is getting it out 

Another day of waiting In line
And solving the worlds problems

It’s an easy mistake to make 
It’s a fatal mistake to make 
It’s not a salad 
It’s not a sandwich 
It’s more a soup 
It’s a meal that takes time 
It’s not easy
A coming together 
It’s a synthasyzer
A sound 
It’s an ear

Birds on television
Flashlights under water
Charged sexually infused beverages 
Water from a giant penis

Taking a risk
A good time is under your nose
It’s not a finger 
Iit could be a color 
Sometimes you have to fight yourself 
Love the little things 
A Christmas tree in a bar
Free popcorn
Love is everywhere 
It’s your job 
Love job

(This poem was originally recited on December, 6 at Trumbullplex in Detroit, MI)

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