Unlock the power that is Being stupid  But do not worship  At his alter… Sunday / December 7, 2014 #SchwervonPoetry

Wreck your frozen body
Fuck the waffles          
Too much seasoning 
In the tofu

Appreciate those 
that come before you 
Unlock the power that is
Being stupid 
But do not worship 
At his alter 

Dudes in halter tops
Dogs with balls in their throats
Women being women 
Paradise is hard 

Trumpets on top of Christmas trees 
Scaling Mental alps 
Sliding down the banister 
Endless pools of alcohol 

Vapor life 
Vapor mind 
Vapor news 
Vapor children 
Vapor choke holds

UFO homework 
Rebel girl
Many lives in these walls
Rebel Girl
Not mine
Rebel girl
All mine
You are the queen if my world 

There are many ways to come home. 
Sad hotels by the highway 

Forget the names of things. 
We bake memories 
We eat dream whip 

We Butter the days 
We Use your legs
Like a cricket
Faster and faster 
We Sing with our legs

Listen to the ground beneath 
Drink life through a straw. 

We are talking through glass 
Through air 
We are texting through glass 
Layers and layers of glass
Small thin air
We are breathing glass 
We must hold each other 
through the window
We must press our hands against it
Hold each other down
And love all that we can

(This poem was originally recited on December, 7 at The Burlington in Chicago, IL)

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