Show Poem: Rainbows follow the rain… June 26 / Rochester, NY /Meddlesome Lab #SchwervonPoetry

Wide mouth water jar
Helping the pills go in
A map of the world
Forms on your back
And the ocean highway
Speaks to you again
In long bows stretched
Across slow sandy waves

Glass clickers and lawn darts
Helmetless heads and
Painted plates
Nighttime sounds of tiny pebbles
Under footsteps

I can benefit from a
Battle that is not mine
Striking hammers
Are what make the piano sound

Learning that you didn’t
Lose everything
In the fire

“No stick no cage
No electric shock”

Rainbows follow the rain
And rain makes things wet and soft
Keeps things alive
It also makes mud
That looks like Chocolate pudding

We have grown to see
All the colors
Colors are in the eyes
The Eyes appear clear and wide

Soft pink, purple, orange
Scarves hang in front
Of the windows
They soften the light
They add something

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