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Show Poem…Stop suckling the anger/ Sept. 4 / Josey Records KC, MO #Poetry 

Wake up!
Stop fucking it up.

Fight the addictions
I dentify the cure.

Stop suckling the anger.
Addictions to anger.

Stop suckling fear.
Addictions to fear.

Addictions to hate
It’s not cool
Addictions to pain
Stop sucking the pain
The pain does not make it real
The pain does not make it yours
The pain does not make you you.

The opening bell has rung
The computers are booted

Black box algarithoms of love
Are in the menu
Let the trading begin

Cast out the computations

As sure as your heart pumps blood
There are worlds
For you to live through
Start living
Stop hating

What is it like to see
Through another person’s eyes
To taste the sweetness
Of another’s tears

To stand up
To stand alone

Discover the music
in another voice
With no dirt from
Your own path

Listen for the signs
Look for the messages
The world is rooting you on
It is there for you

Give yourself the patience
That you give your children
Give it to everyone you meet
With everything you do

It’s the lesson on the black board

It’s the Sermon on the mound
Not hidden in the past
Like dusty book

Like the dust
It is everywhere

It’s in the air
It’s right there
In front of you

Feel it

Show Poem: A family can form in a split second… July 07/ Richmond, VA / Gallery Five #SchwervonPoetry

Dentists on trampo
Deadline headline
Speed humping it
To the next venue

Hawk wind soaring
High above our never ending
Hot plate of twisted
Black tar veins
And cracked asphalt
Waiting for the next
Splatter day

King’s dominium
Chicken nuggets spilling
Out of every billboard

Eternal morning
Breakfast served all day, every day

Whay do you do this? she said
Because it quiets my mind, he said

Megaton megadoners
Brushing the stuff
off my tongue each morning
Keys, glasses, billfold, phone

Looking back for more
Than I had the first time
It’s always worth remembering
Always worth sticking around

Seeing you walk through that door
Has made all the difference

It’s a beauty like how we speak
To our mothers through the years

A demon will kiss you
And just stare
Like an animal in a cage
But you go right through

A family can form in a split second
That’s all it takes or it could
Take millions of years
It could be the same.

Show Poem: Rainbows follow the rain… June 26 / Rochester, NY /Meddlesome Lab #SchwervonPoetry

Wide mouth water jar
Helping the pills go in
A map of the world
Forms on your back
And the ocean highway
Speaks to you again
In long bows stretched
Across slow sandy waves

Glass clickers and lawn darts
Helmetless heads and
Painted plates
Nighttime sounds of tiny pebbles
Under footsteps

I can benefit from a
Battle that is not mine
Striking hammers
Are what make the piano sound

Learning that you didn’t
Lose everything
In the fire

“No stick no cage
No electric shock”

Rainbows follow the rain
And rain makes things wet and soft
Keeps things alive
It also makes mud
That looks like Chocolate pudding

We have grown to see
All the colors
Colors are in the eyes
The Eyes appear clear and wide

Soft pink, purple, orange
Scarves hang in front
Of the windows
They soften the light
They add something