Show Poem: July 7, 2016 Fayetteville,AR @ Backspace #poetry 

Hey, Fayetvteille
Let’s let this one go 

Things stick out from the ground
Round things spin in the wind

Let’s risk an awkward silence

Pick a patch of grass by the road side
Wait until after  dark
Watch the souls leave all the dead things

Let’s not ponder our double chins…
Who’s ancestors were closest
To the mud snails 

We have no daughter to torture
No use for a house in the air 

Let’s darken ourselves with the sun
We pass through gates into
Empty fields
There are no fences
No lines to cross or step over 

DQ grill and chill
1000 paper cranes
Destroying mountains for the roads
Destroying roads for the music
Listening and rebuilding 

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