Show Poem: July 8, 2016 Hot Springs, AR @ Maxine’s #poetry 

Multiple licks of a dog’s tongue
Can wipe out many problems

Dancing friends, soft sheets
Try waking with love
Try staring at a rock for 10 seconds 

Deconstructing the wisdom of road signs
Camouflaging nature
If you stare long enough
Everything goes away 

Be careful with that fishing pole
You could poke your eye out

People are still hungry
They make cat litter out of corn 

The early bird catches the donut
All the donut shops are closed 

In 10 million years we
Will all be Cronuts 

Beautiful beautiful tree
Thank you for not being
A donut in my mind 

Hanging scarves on the wall
What are you trying to tell me 

The shiny rocks hold some special value
It’s not about money
There’s something in there
A beauty hidden within the earth
Or some dark cave
Cracking it open
Like an egg
It’s what we do

There is no reason before
The cave is part of the crack
The light reveals this to us
The cave is part of the beauty 

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