Show Poem: July 15, 2016 Cincinnati, OH @ The Comet #poetry 

As the giant slowly removes
His foot from my chest 

I awake 

In dreams we make love to the fat
Play cards with the pilots
Pick my teeth with tree branches 

The morning is filled
With dirty carpet
And minor victories

Broken noses and
Stressed out waiters 

The quiche of the day
Is melting in the glove box 

Sticky rain and foggy windshield
The rules change with each pit stop

You’ve become kind with the
Dependence of strangers 

Coincidentally stereotyping
Scolding the scolder
Learning how the faucet works 

The hands are not always out to get you
Sometimes they are there to wave
To hold the flowers
Show us where the wind
Is blowing from 

The cat at the top of the stairs
Has been waiting for us
His eyes are speaking like Alien waves
We must get very close to hear them 

We must risk the hisses
and the sandpaper tongue 

Who knows?
It could be good news

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