Show Poem: July 14, 2016 Murray, KY @ Terrapin Station #poetry 

Charlie horse wake up
A future always yet to be determined 

Bananas are great.
I love bananas so fucking much 

But I was never meant to eat them

Inseminating silences
Aborting pregnant pauses 

The river is unstoppable
But easily avoided 

Discs of oil
Rays of light
Miles of tape and plastic wrap

Forgetting to remember
Remembering to forget 

Not fighting the repetition
Holding hands
Feeling the breeze on the tops
Of our arms 

Do you know the way to Dancyville?
Should we take the Music Highway? 

There is corn on the way
And perhaps a golf cart or two.
Churches and grave yards
Horses and more corn.
There will be long slow hills
And if we’re lucky, local honey 

Mountain clouds and a belt for all sizes
The air is fresh here
Even when it’s smokey
We blow it around
Feel it on our faces.
It whistle up our pants legs
Give us a little tickle in the rear

The air is not so bad here.
Love is in the air.
It can be
We must cherish it 

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