Show Poem: September 24, 2016 Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge #poetry 

Once my prison
Now my sweet resting place

I wanna drop a love bomb
On the entire world
Read the book of faces
Face to face
Roll over and wake you
With a spoon and a kiss

No obsessions
A fan spinning in the wind
Recycling the spirits
Smoothing the skins
We are soft smooth snakes
Smiling and hissing
On warm dry stones

The pigment is something
It’s not everything

In  my parent tense 
There is a new way of looking at things

I am listening to your zebra heart
It beats within a lion chest

I listen to my own Voice
It tells me to stop talking
And stop listening
To let go of the flippers
Watch the ball roll

Everyone here is talking
To someone else with their eyes

And the next thing happens

The past falls through
Our skeletal fingers

The bones are now
The bones keep us safe
The bones keep us alive

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