Show Poem: October  11, 2016 Springfield, IL @ Blacksheep Café #poetry 

I awake on the operating table
Half healed, ready
For adventure

I choose my bed for the race
Roll down the window
Set my sights
On the perfect pillow

A gun is a sad way to start a race
Today I choose a different weapon

A crashing cymbal or a rolling drum?
Reminder that in all successful races
And dances
It is imortant to keep moving.

See all the faces
Hear the tiny screams
The laughs inside the screams
Inside the laughs inside
the screams

Local scenes

Donuts are made to be broken
Balloons get stuck in the power lines

Not to worry
There doesn’t always have to be
Something behind everything

Don’t worry
When everything is right
We will know it

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